All-Time Most Productive Ice Lures

We hear all the time about the “latest and greatest” fishing lures out on the market, but what about the ones that have been catching fish for decades? In this video, we asked the guys what ONE lure have they caught the most fish on over the course of their lifetime. There were many great [Read more…]

Line Management

Veteran ice guide Tony Roach shares a few tips for keeping your line fishing good when you’re out on the ice. It’s doesn’t get a lot of attention, but proper line management can make a massive difference when your fighting the conditions in the middle of winter.     For more videos like this, Subscribe [Read more…]

Sea Foam Rebate
Gas vs Electric Augers

Are gas augers on their way out? Are electric augers ever going to be universally adopted? Technology is changing faster than ever and there are a lot of varying opinions amongst ice fishing pros. Regardless, there’s one thing that can’t be denied: the electric auger market has EXPLODED in the last couple years and it’s [Read more…]

Staying Warm on the Ice

February 2nd, 1996 saw some of the coldest temperatures on record throughout the state of Minnesota, with air temps in the -30’s F, and windchill values nearly double that mark. Trucks, like mine, needed a jump, town was quiet on account of Gov. Arne Carlson shutting down the state, and people hunkered down to wait [Read more…]

Rumble B
Ice Rods - Inside Outside

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution in fishing — particularly if you want the “best of the best”.   Ice rods are no exception. Every niche angling situation can benefit from different equipment. Conditions can vary dramatically from inside your balmy ice shack to outside in the blustery wind. As a result, you [Read more…]

Custom Ice Rods

One of the hottest crazes right now in ice fishing is custom ice rods. Companies like Tuned Up and JT Outdoors have blown up in recent years, as the demand for their $100+ rods has soared well above what anyone had expected years ago. As a result, some bigger, well-known ice companies have jumped into [Read more…]

Off Shore Tackle Tile
Best Fishing Purchases

Ice fishermen don’t always have the cash to blow on high ticket items like new augers, sonar combo units and ice houses. That’s why we asked a few of the top pros on hardwater about items that your average ice angler can afford. These items will have a hugely positive impact on your fishing, but [Read more…]

Mills Fleet Farm

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