Smooth Moves

Musky guide Doug Wegner breaks down everything you need to know about musky bucktails from single blades to triple blades, spinnerbaits to inline bucktails, and Colorado to willow blades.     For more videos like this, Subscribe to our YouTube channel:


Have your boat rigged right can make your day on the water more efficient and enjoyable. In this video, Jeremy Smith goes over the rigging for a tiller boat, as well as a wheel boat. Lots of good tips in there if you’re getting your boat setup for the season.     For more videos [Read more…]

Boat Sweepstakes

Downsizing can be an extremely effective tactic to catch more walleye, especially when the bite is tough during less than ideal conditions or on heavily pressured waters. This is where a small 1/16 oz spoon can really shine.   In this video, Cody Roswick shares a couple quick modifications he makes to his spoon fishing [Read more…]


Your choice of line becomes extremely important when you’re chasing panfish through the ice. You need to consider water clarity, depth, species of fish, presentation, etc. Sometimes you want clear line, other times you want high-vis options. There are many variables to keep in mind, and hopefully this videos can help make your decision a [Read more…]


What is the best ice fishing line for walleye? Lots of different options and directions you could go on this one. Straight monofilament, straight fluorocarbon, braided line with a fluoro leader, mono line with a fluoro leader, braided line with a mono leader. I’m sure I’m missing something….   Dave Genz – Brian Brosdahl [Read more…]

Blackfish Box

The spinning vs. in-line reel debate has really heated up in recent years with more and better in-lines hitting the market. While spinning reels are further along in their evolution, in-lines provide their own advantages in certain applications. That said, the jury is still split on this one….   Dave Genz – Brian Brosdahl [Read more…]

Off Shore

Hub houses and flip-over style shacks both have their own unique advantages and disadvantages – costs, mobility, fishing area, storage size, etc.   Dave Genz – Brian Brosdahl – Jason Mitchell – Tony Roach – Joel Nelson – Brad Hawthorne – Tom Neustrom – Gary Parsons – [Read more…]


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