northland tungsten short-shank jig

Northland Tungsten Short-Shank Jig

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Northland Tungsten Short-Shank Jig

Northland Fishing Tackle’s Tungsten Short-Shank Jig uses Northland’s legendary Short-Shank Fire-Ball Jig design in a Tungsten offering. The new Northland Tungsten short-shank jig is molded from tungsten which is 30% more dense than lead.This jig has a faster fall rate and less drag in the water. This allows anglers to use a lighter tungsten jig than typically used when fishing a comparable sized lead jig. In addition, the hardness of tungsten increases sensitivity and allows anglers to feel exactly what’s on the bottom. It features a premium short-shank wide-gap hook and dual bait keepers that lock on soft plastics and live bait. Perfect for walleyes, bass, northern and panfish the short-shank tungsten jig comes in three size 1/8-ounce, 1/4-ounce and 3/8-ounce and in 8 fantastic fish catching colors!

Northland Tungsten Short-Shank Jig


•available in three different sizes: 1/8-ounce, 1/4-ounce, 3/8-ounce

•eight fantastic fish catching colors including glow options

•Made from eco friendly heavy weight tungsten that is 30% denser than traditional lead jigs

•Tungsten’s hardness allows anglers better feel for bottom contact and lite bites

•Premium Mustad Ultra Point Short-shank wide gap hook and dual hook keepers lock on soft plastic and live bait

•Red “T” eyes easily distinguish tungsten

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