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Bemidji Area Fishing Buzz Bite Report 1-9-23

John and Ashley Holmgren of Devoted Outdoors give their latest Buzz Bite Report for the Bemidji Area fishing on January 9th, 2023.

Bemidji Area Fishing Buzz Bite Report 1-9-23

Snow, snow and more snow! That has been the story the last few weeks. Slush has started to become a bit of an issue but is healing some with the cold temps. However the fish are still biting good.

With this amount of snow the pressure on lakes goes way down and can create some of the best bites of the year. With the equipment we have today it makes situations like this a lot easier to work through!

Overall the Bemidji Area fishing has been great! We are finding our panfish spread out quite a bit now.

We are in a pretty hard transition point right now from early season patterns to more midwinter patterns. If you aren’t finding crappies and bluegills shallow in the weeds start making your way out to the deeper flats and basins.

The Clam Snow Drop Jig XL paired with a wax worm has been the ticket for those fish roaming the deep basins.

Bigger fish are roaming the flats and moving a lot through the day so be patient and search for them. Clam Pro tackle 1/32 ounce Pinhead Pro spoons tipped with a waxie have been crushing!

Walleyes are biting very well on shallower mid lake humps (12’-18’) and on break lines (6’-8’) adjacent to good cabbage beds! Morning and evenings have been best. The Clam jointed Pinhead Pro with shiner heads have been working really good!

Good luck and be safe to all the anglers fishing in the Bemidji Area!

  • John and Ashley Holmgren


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