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Twin Cities Fishing Buzz Bite Report 1-10-2023

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Avid angler and guide Matt Johnson of Matt Johnson Outdoors gives his latest Buzz Bite Report on Twin Cities fishing on January 10th, 2023.

Twin Cities Fishing Buzz Bite Report 1-10-2023

We’ve got eight to twelve inches of snow and slush on top of most of our lakes in the Metro area. It’s making for some tough conditions, but with that being said the fishing is still good.

The ice thickness is very inconstant with some lakes have eight inches, while some might have as many as thirteen or fourteen inches.

I’d recommend track machines or foot travel only right now. Four wheelers will have a tough time getting around on most of our lakes.

Look for crappies and bluegills in the deeper basins. The Clam Pinhead Pro Spoon has been the ticket for those basin roaming panfish.

If they are in a neutral or negative mood make the switch to a small tungsten jig like the Clam Drop kick paired with a wax worm or euro larvae.

Anglers should expect to run into largemouth bass and northern pike in the same areas as these panfish. Target them with set lines or larger spoons and Tikka Minos.

The Twin Cities fishing has been good but you’ll have to put in the work to get there.

Good luck to all the anglers fishing in the Metro Area lakes!

  • Matt Johnson


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