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Bemidji Area Musky Buzz Bite Report 10-5-2022

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John and Ashley Holmgren of Devoted Outdoors give their latest Buzz Bite Report on the Bemidji Area musky action on October 5th, 2022.

Bemidji Area Musky Buzz Bite Report 10-5-2022

The musky action has been good up in the Bemidji area. Weather has been consistently cool and water temps are staying pre turnover anywhere from 59 to 62 degrees.

We are concentrating most of our time around four to eight feet of water. Fish are starting to wolf pack up heavy in the good healthy cabbage patches adjacent to deep water. A lot of the spots that were finding good numbers of fish have high concentrations of ciscos close by.

Bomb Squads Tomahawk and MK-65 have been really good along with Kramer Bros Woodticks. Medium retrieves above the cabbage.

Moon phases have been really key! Make sure to be on your best spots/ spots you have seen fish during the key bite windows.

Another cold front is coming during the end of the week and will have these fish chowing until turn over.

Good luck to all the anglers fishing the Bemidji area muskies. Get out there and get em!

  • John and Ashley Holmgren




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