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Devils Lake Buzz Bite Report 10-12-2022

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North Dakota guide Johnnie Candle gives his latest Buzz Bite Report for Devils Lake on October 12th, 2022.

Devils Lake Buzz Bite Report 10-12-2022

The fishing has been awesome up here on Devils Lake all fall. Water temps are in the mid fifties.

There is a shallow water bite for walleyes in less than twelve feet of water. Pitch quarter ounce jigs paired with a plastic or minnows. Don’t be surprised to if you run into white bass and northern pike as well.

You can also catch some walleyes trolling crankbaits on the flooded roadbeds. Fish the roads up in Pelican lake and the rock structure in fourteen feet of water for the best success. White or perch colored baits have been the best.

If you want to pull lead core, target the old Devils Lake shoreline. Depending on where you are that’s going to be between twenty-five and thirty feet of water.

As we continue to progress further into fall those walleyes are going to key in on bigger baits.

The fall bite is in full effect up here on Devils, get up here and enjoy it!

  • Johnnie Candle


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