Duluth Area

Duluth Area Buzz Bite Report 9-28-2021

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It’s the start of fall here in the Duluth area and water temperatures are beginning to drop. Right now water temps are still in the low sixties, but it will continue to drop as the air temps continue to cool down.

Overall, the fishing has been good in the Duluth area.

Duluth Area

Anglers are catching good numbers of lake trout and salmon along the north shore of Lake Superior. Simple trolling tactics with planner boards have been the ticket. The nice thing about this time of year is a lot of those salmon and lake trout have moved in shallow, so you don’t have to go way off shore to catch fish.

In Chequamegon Bay the walleye and smallmouth bass fishing is really starting to heat up and it is only going to get better. Jerkbaits, A- Rigs, tubes, and crankbaits will produce fish.

The St. Louis river has been kicking out a lot of nice fish. Clam Tikka minnows, Rapala Jigging Raps and a jig and minnow have been working the best. We have been working these baits with a fast cadence and it seems to be really triggering strikes. Work your baits along the channel edges and along the weed edges.

When fishing fishing the St. Louis river you get a second rod so we have been running a lot of dead sticks about a foot off the bottom.

The inland lakes are kicking out a lot of pike, bass, and panfish along the weed line. You can also find some fish along the beaches and swimming areas.

Thats what we have going on in the Duluth / Superior area and the St. Louis river. Hopefully everyone is having a good time fishing and good luck out on the water!

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