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Lake Sakakawea and Fort Peck Buzz Bite Report 10-15-21

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Lake Sakakawea and Fort Peck Buzz Bite Report 10-15-21

For the past month the bite has been really good on Lake Sakakawea, North Dakota and on Fort Peck in Montana.

Right now you can expend to find walleyes on deepwater structure hugging tight to the bottom. Focus on any main lake points, humps, or deepwater saddle system in twenty two out to thirty eight feet of water.

On lake Sakakawea, reactionary baits have been our best baits by far for these walleyes. It’s been hard to beat the efficiency and overall catching prowess of the Rapala Jigging Rap, but other reactionary style baits will produce fish as well.

When targeting these walleyes on thing I would recommend that you make a lot of casts during your drifts. We have been noticing that they really like the initial drop of the bait.

Earlier in the year we had a really good shallow water smallmouth bass bite, but that has really transitioned into a deepwater bite. A lot of the same points that have been good for walleyes have also been good for smallmouth bass.

Look for steep breaks with rocks. The best depths have been between twenty and thirty five feet of water.

Both species have been feeding on smelt so if you are able to find the schools of bait you should be able to find fish.

We have been catching smallmouth bass on Jigging Raps, Drop shots, Kastmaster spoons and blade baits.

If you are looking to get out into some great walleye and bass action you can reach me through my cell or on my website. Good luck out there on the water!

lake Sakakawea and fort peck

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