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Duluth Area Buzz Bite Report 11-3-2021

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Captain Jarrid Houston of Houston’s Guide Service gives his latest Buzz Bite Report for the Duluth area on November 3rd, 2021.

Duluth Area Report 11-3-21

Although the fishing is still good in the Duluth area things are starting to wind down as anglers prepare for the upcoming deer season and first ice.

For those anglers that are still getting out, the St. Louis river is still producing a lot of solid walleyes along the channel edges. By far the best presentation has been a jig and minnow. You can get a few fish with a Clam Tikka Minnow as well.

There aren’t many anglers left trolling on Lake Superior, but for those that are heading out there you can expect to catch  lake trout, some coho salmon and the occasional steelhead.

Flatline trolling bright colored stickbaits with planer boards is the way to go. Most of the fish are close to shore so you don’t have to venture out far to find success.

Musky anglers in the Duluth area are finding success throwing big rubber baits, trolling, and using sucker minnows. Most of those fish can be found along the deep weed line. Suckers seem to be the most consistent option.

The panfish have been a little tricky lately. Most of the fish have moved out towards the deeper basins on inland lakes. Utilize your electronics to find the schools of crappies. Once you do, small plastics or crappie minnows under a float will produce fish.

That’s what we have going on in the Duluth area and on the St. Louis river. It won’t be long before ice fishing is upon us. Hopefully everyone is having a good time fishing, enjoying the last bit of fall we have. Good luck to those out on the water or in the deer stand this weekend!

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