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Red River Buzz Bite Report 8-13-2021


Red River Buzz Bite Report 8-13-2021

Well here we are in October on the Red River in North Dakota and traditionally in the North Country catfishing is over for the season, but because of the warm temperatures we’re still going strong for now. We are on borrowed time and it will be winter before we know it.

Unfortunately due to the continued drought we are down to next to no water on the Red river.

The access below Drayton, North Dakota and the access North of Grand Forks, North Dakota are inaccessible yet again for larger boats. Small boats, like twelve and fourteen foot boats can still get in and fish and I’m sure the fish are down there.

For those anglers who have been out the key to finding fish has been current.

You can typically find fish if you’re above the dams. That is where most of us have been fishing and looking for fish.

We have been looking for inside bends and troughs and they’re usually no wider than the boat.

But if you can find that there is usually a little current on them and that’s what has been holding fish there.

The bait preference has been cut goldeye and cut tullibee.

Overall I would say the bite is pretty poor, but that mainly has to do with the water levels.

Pretty soon here as the water temperature drops the Red River walleye bite will begin to pick up so that will be something to keep an eye on.

If you guys are looking to get out and chase some of these giant channel cats the Red River has to offer, schedule a trip through my website or give me a call. Good luck and be safe out there on the water!

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Fishing Guide: Brad Durick



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