Lake Michigan King Salmon Report for Early August

Lake Michigan King Salmon Report for Early August

by | Aug 11, 2020 | 0 comments

The Lake Michigan king salmon bite is really heating up as their big push continues.

Here’s a quick report from Captain Ron Dohm Jr. of Sport Fish Michigan on where he’s catching them and what he’s looking for to stay on the bite:

“Right now this evening, we’re out on Lake Michigan trolling for King Salmon. We’ve had a really good push recently. Frankfort, Glen Arbor and Leland are all seeing increased numbers of king salmon. Right now some boats going out of those ports are seeing catches anywhere from 3 to 7 each trip. If you aren’t committing to fishing all salmon, you might not even get a bite. You have to throw your entire spread dedicated toward salmon, going salmon speed the entire trip. The folks who are willing to do that are being rewarded most days with 3 to 7 hookups, sometimes more, during each evening or morning trip.

“Right now, we’re fishing that thermocline again. You can see it developing really good right now and I’m running my lower cannonball just below it and the upper cannonball just above it. I use a Fish Hawk device to keep track of my distance and lines.

“The big thing that I’ve noticed in the last few days is that there’s pockets of current and warmer water mixed in here. We’ve had a lot of north winds recently and that’s really stirred up our water and a lot of our bites are coming as soon as we find that temperature change. We’re not changing depth and we’re not changing speed, but we’re hitting an area or zone that has different water. That water might have current going a different way or it might have warmer water down deeper and colder water up higher. Those fish are pushing the alewives up into that area and it’s a great way to target these fish this time of year while they’re putting on the feedbag.”

Special thanks to Capt. Ron Dohm Jr. on keeping us up to date on the popular Lake Michigan king salmon bite. If you’re looking for a captain or guide in the state of Michigan, give Sport Fish Michigan a call at (877) 442-4294 or check them out on the web at

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