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Northern Michigan: 6-7-2023

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Captain Chad Dilts of Sport Fish Michigan gives his latest Buzz Bite Report for Northern Michigan on June 7th, 2023.

Northern Michigan: 6-7-2023

We’ve been experiencing warmer temperatures then normal in Northern Michigan and that has really increased our water temps. With this increase in water temps most fish have began to move towards their summer spots/structures.

On our inland lakes look for walleyes on main lake structure and points in twenty to forty feet of water. Livebait rigs like slip bobbers or jigs paired with minnows have been working great.

Anglers can still catch a few walleyes in the Detroit River, but most of the bigger fish have pushed out in Lake Erie and Lake St. Clair.

Trolling is going to be the best presentation for those fish that have moved out into the big lakes, but for those fish still in the Detroit river jigs paired with plastics or livebait have been working great.

A majority of our smallmouth bass have pushed up onto their beds.

Even with most fish bedding you can still find some pre and post spawn fish along the edge of the breaks, shorelines, and flats in four to ten feet of water.

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The thermocline has established on the Great Lakes and most anglers are finding trout and salmon between fifty and sixty feet of water. Trolling has been the go-to presentation for most, but you can also catch plenty of fish jigging.

The fishing should continue to be good for the coming weeks. Good luck to all the anglers fishing in Northern Michigan!

  • Captain Chad Dilts

Sport Fish Michigan


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