Lake Michigan Lake Trout Report (Hot Action & Big Fish)

Lake Michigan Lake Trout Report (Hot Action & Big Fish)

Chad Dilts

Chad Dilts

July 14, 2020

This week, we’ve got a lake trout report from the crew at Sport Fish Michigan. What’s cool about the state of Michigan is that it’s home to such a wide variety of cool fishing opportunities on a number of diverse lakes, rivers, streams and Great Lakes.

Captain Chad Dilts from Sport Fish Michigan talks about how he’s been finding and catching big Lake Michigan lake trout in this week’s fishing report. Here’s what he had to say:

“Hi, I’m Captain Chad Dilts with Sport Fish Michigan. I’ve got this week’s AnglingBuzz report for you.

“We’ve got a really good south wind going right now and warm weather, as everyone’s seeing across the Midwest. The lake trout bite is setting up really nicely. We have a defined thermocline and the fish are really biting. Right now they’re in that bottom 10 feet and as we’re experiencing right now, we have a red hot bite. I think this is the 18th or 19th fish we’ve put in in the last thirty or forty minutes. It’s been an incredible bite.

“You need to pick you days. As you can see it’s kind of windy out here today, but get off shore and try to use your electronics to find the thermocline. See where those fish are hanging out and whether you want to troll them or you want to jig them, it’s a fantastic time to get out and get after some fish on light tackle.

“We’ve got one going right now and hopefully we get ’em in!”

Thanks to Captain Chad Dilts for an excellent Michigan lake trout report. If you enjoy fishing in the state of Michigan, make sure to check back here at for more fishing reports.

The crew at Sport Fish Michigan will be delivering weekly reports from their stomping grounds, covering down on just about any fish you might want to target from walleye and bass, to panfish and pike, to trout and salmon. They fish on Lake Michigan, the tributaries and throughout the inland lakes with both conventional gear and fly fishing gear. See you next week!

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