Michigan Smallmouth, Musky, Trout & Salmon Report

Michigan Smallmouth, Musky, Trout & Salmon Report

by | Jul 21, 2020 | 0 comments

This week, we have a fresh report on Michigan smallmouth, muskies and salmon from Captain Ron Dohm Jr. with Sport Fish Michigan. There’s always a number of great bites going on in the state of Michigan and right now is no exception. It’s such a diverse area with so many different opportunities, the fish are no doubt chewing somewhere.

Here’s what Ron had to say about the smallmouth bass bite:

“Right now the smallmouth bass are moving deep. They’ve been off the beds for a couple of weeks now. Those fish are moving out and chasing alewives, smelt and perch.”

He also has some good advice for timing the lake trout bite out on Lake Michigan:

“This time of year, we like to switch over and start targeting lake trout in the main lakes. The lake trout bite has been best early in the morning during that 5:30 – 8:00am timeframe. The bite has been phenomenal. As the sun gets higher, the fish start to get moodier, so definitely take advantage of that early morning timeframe.”

And don’t forget about the red-hot musky fishing action out on Lake St. Clair:

“Lake St. Clair is still showing a phenomenal musky fishery right now and those fish are being caught both trolling and casting with really good regularity.”

Last but not least, we have an update on the famous Lake Michigan Salmon bite:

“Right now we’re having some really big winds, big northwest winds, big southwest winds. This west coast of Michigan should be seeing some good numbers of salmon coming in any day now. We’re just that one big wind away. The fish are running really, really big this year. Trolling for them in that thermocline anywhere from 46-54 degree water, that temperature break, has been really effective and we’re really looking forward to getting after it here as those fish move up the coast and up towards their spawning grounds.”

That should have you just about covered whether you like to chase Michigan smallmouth bass, big Lake St. Clair muskies, or lake trout and salmon out in Lake Michigan. Make sure to check back next week for another Michigan fishing report from the crew at Sport Fish Michigan.

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