Michigan Fishing Report

Michigan Fishing Report for Walleye, Panfish and Lake Trout

by | Jun 2, 2020 | 0 comments

Here’s the latest Michigan fishing report from Captain Ben Wolfe. He’s been keeping tabs on the Detroit River walleye bite, the sunfish and crappies, and the lake trout and cisco bite on the big lake. Michigan has some diverse opportunities and there is always a great bite going on somewhere for something, if you’re willing to tangle with a species of fish you don’t usually target. Here’s what’s hot right now in Michigan according to Mr. Wolfe:

“Out on the Detroit River, we have a fantastic walleye run going on. These fish haven’t been picked on for a lot of the spring and now they’re absolutely chewing. We’ve got some really good eater sized fish being caught 18-20 inches is the average. Really fantastic fishing going on right now.

“Also, we have panfish. These are a family friendly thing to go after. Lots of bluegills, crappies, sunfish are heading up shallow, getting ready to spawn. Practice selective harvest and let the biggest ones go, but keep some for dinner. They are lots of fun. Get out and have some fun with those!

“Up in Grand Traverse county, we have a fantastic cisco and lake trout bite going. The cisco and lake trout are fishing really well with blade baits. Just cast out, let it sink to the bottom and slowly retrieve those things back. They are hitting really aggressively and we have some really good sized fish this year as well!”

As you can see, the Detroit River walleye run is in full swing, and per usual, the bite is good when the fish congregate en mass in the river. This is going to be an excellent time all across the Upper Midwest for panfish as they move up to spawn, so keep an eye on weather and water temperatures next time you hit the water. That cisco/lake trout bite is a lot of fun out on Lake Michigan.

Come back next week for more reports from the state of Michigan!

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