Multispecies Fishing Report from the State of Michigan

Multispecies Fishing Report from the State of Michigan


The state of Michigan has a number of great bites happening right now. Captain Ben Wolfe and his crew from Sport Fish Michigan have their thumb on the pulse of the action happening right now throughout the entire state. In this week’s report, he touches on some fly fishing action, the vertical jigging bite happening right now on Lake Michigan, as well as a quick update on salmon, walleye and muskies.

Here’s his report:

“It’s late June and we have some great opportunities all across the state of Michigan. For the fly angler, we’re still seeing some of the those bug hatches. We’re really excited about the mayfly hatch which should be right around the corner here.

“For those looking for vertical jigging opportunities for lake trout. We have some great opportunities in that 50-70 foot range. They aren’t super deep yet because of the weather patterns that we’ve have. Light tackle jigging that people like to do. Now’s a great time to get after those fish.

“Lake Michigan continues to also fish well for salmon up and down the coast as well as up into the Mackinac straights as well. Those looking for walleye can troll body baits and crankbaits for walleyes on Saginaw Bay. That’s producing very well.

“On the Detroit River and Lake St. Clair, we’re seeing musky activity really ramp up here. Now’s a great time to get out all across the state of Michigan.”

That’s a great overview of the fishing opportunities happening right now in the state of Michigan. Special thanks to Captain Ben Wolfe and his crew for staying on top of the bite. Make sure to check back in next week for another fishing report from the crew in Michigan.

Early summer is here and many of these bites will continue to improve on Lake Michigan and many of it’s tributaries, as well as the excellent inland lakes all throughout the state of Michigan.

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