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Devils Lake, ND plus a Bonus Red Lake Report 12-6-22

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North Dakota guide Jason Mitchell gives his latest Buzz Bite Report for Devils Lake, ND on December 6th, 2022.

Devils Lake, ND plus a Bonus Red Lake Report 12-6-22

Our ice conditions vary from an inch or two, too as thick as eight inches depending on the spot. Protected bays and smaller lakes are the best bet for the safest ice. As always, proceed with caution and use a spud bar to check as you go.

The walleye and perch bite has been excellent.

Walleyes can be caught in less than ten feet of water on Devils Lake and on smaller lakes in the area.

We had strong winds right before ice up so a lot of our smaller bays and sloughs have really dirty water. With that being said bright colors and aggressive baits have been the best option for walleyes.

A majority of the perch being caught are coming out of eighteen to twenty two feet of water. Small spoons with dropper chains or small tungsten jigs have produced most of the fish.

Red Lake

Overall the walleye bite has been solid on Red Lake. We found seven to eight inches on some places, but you have to keep an eye out for cracks.

A majority of our fish came on set lines and dead stick presentations, but the Clam Sweet Pea spoon in the color gold produced a good number of fish as well.

Stay safe and good luck to all the anglers out fishing on Devils Lake and across North Dakota and also on Red Lake!

  • Jason Mitchell


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