Brainerd Lakes Area

Brainerd Lakes Area Fishing Buzz Bite Report 10-4-22


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Minnesota guide Dustin Monson of Hawg Hunterz Guide Service gives his latest Buzz Bite Report for the Brainerd Lakes Area on October 4th, 2022.

Brainerd Lakes Area Fishing Buzz Bite Report 10-4-22

Leaves are changing colors, there’s a slight chill to the air, and fish are in Fall feeding patterns!

Walleyes have made a split to two main locations; scattered weeds and flats (under 12ft) or deep around mid-lake humps (22-30ft). Catch them using a jig/minnow combo, rigging 4-7″ minnows, such as “redtails” or creek chubs (sucker minnows can work too), or using a reaction style bait such as snap-jigging a jig/soft plastic or glide bait (jigging rap, shiver minnow, crystal reaper).

After dark, longline troll shallow-running crankbaits (such as a Smithwick Rattlin’ Floating Rogue) in 5-12ft, slow down the troll under 2mph; if targeting fish in 10-13ft, slow-troll a Smithwick Perfect 10 Rogue. Find panfish on remaining green weed flats/weedlines in 6-15ft or over basin areas near bays in large schools.

Catch multiple species trolling (.8-1.2mph) weedlines and big weed flats with spinner rigs tipped with a nightcrawler, minnow or soft-plastic imitation. Casting and jigging a 1/16oz or 1/32oz jig tipped with a Mister Twister Sassy Stingum will catch Crappies and Rainbow Trout in inland lakes.

Catch northern pike trolling crankbaits along weedlines and over basin areas with a large forage base of tullibees if you want to specifically target big fish!

Brainerd Lakes Area walleye

On Mille Lacs, target walleyes around hard bottom areas, such as gravel, sand and rocks (many good-sized fish are showing up under 15ft); target them rigging minnows, jigging minnows or trolling crankbaits such as the Smithwick Rogue Perfect 10.

Slide on top of rock reefs in 8-16ft and edges in 16-22ft for smallmouth bass, search for big rocks and pockets of sand in rocky locations; use Ned Rigs, jig/minnows and drop-shot minnows, nightcrawlers, or imitations. Fall fishing has arrived, let’s go! Have fun, stay safe and Happy Hawg Hunting!

-Dustin Monson

Contact Information:

Hawg Hunterz Guide Service: Brainerd Lakes Area and Mille Lacs Lake

Email Dustin at or call/text at 320-293-2442 if you have any questions or to schedule a guided fishing trip.

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