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Duluth / Superior Area Buzz Bite Report 5-19-2022

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Captain Jarrid Houston of Houston’s Guide Service gives his latest Buzz Bite Report for the Duluth and Superior area on May 19th, 2022.

Duluth / Superior Area Buzz Bite Report 5-19-2022

We are out on the water and right now the fish are really lethargic in the Duluth / Superior area.

We’ve got cold water temperatures so we’ve had to really slow down our presentations when targeting walleyes.

One simple presentation that has been working well for us has been a dead sticking setup with a sliding weight to a double barrel swivel, and then a three to four foot leader to a single octopus hook with a minnow.

You can also catch some nice walleyes and a simple jig and minnow setup. Even with the cold water temperatures, anglers can still expect to catch a few walleyes for dinner!

The panfish are beginning to move up into those shallow bays. As that water temperatures continue to rise those fish will start to make a big push for the shallows.

Small crappie jigs paired with plastics or crappie minnows are the ticket.

Good luck to all the anglers out enjoying the springtime bite!

Captain Jarrid Houston

Website: http://www.houstonsguideservice.com

Email: houstonbsu@hotmail.com

Cell: (218)-393-4962

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