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Northern Wisconsin Buzz Bite Report 3-30-2022

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Avid angler Caleb Wistad gives his latest Buzz Bite report for Northern Wisconsin on March 30th, 2022.

Northern Wisconsin Buzz Bite Report 3-30-2022

There are plenty of ice fishing opportunities still available here in Northern Wisconsin as well as ever-increasing options for open water fishing. Our ice is holding very steady in the 20″ to 26″ inch range on most inland lakes in the area and has actually hardened back up after a few frigid days last week.

The landings and approaches may be getting bad so foot travel is recommended for the most part from now on.  That being said, we should still have fishable ice for a couple of weeks.  The ice fishing bite has been phenomenal for bluegills, crappies and big perch and all species are moving into the shallower weed edges and weed flats.  I like to target late-ice aggressive panfish with larger profile lures like small spoons and rattle baits to get fish fired up.  If they are finicky, a tungsten and plastic usually finishes the deal.

Another ice opportunity that is fairly new to Wisconsin is the catch and release bass season.  Both largemouth and smallmouth bass tend to really turn on at late ice and can be a blast to target.  Largemouth are most likely to be found on weed lines and weed beds right with the panfish and will eat a small jig and plastic, or, my personal favorite, an 1/8 oz rattle bait like the Eurotackle Z-Viber.

Smallmouth bass can still be found hanging around deep structure and cribs.  A small jigging shad rap worked very slowly seems to really trigger the bites.

If you are looking to break out the long rods there are plenty of options in Northern Wisconsin.  On Lake Michigan and Lake Superior tributaries the spring steelhead run is on in and lots of fish are being caught on egg patterns and spawn either dead-drifted, or under a float.

The catch-and-release inland trout season is open and warm, sunny days really seem to fire these trout up.

Northern Wisconsin trout

They will readily take nymphs drifted past them on fly gear or even streamers on days when they are really fired up.  As far as spinning tackle goes, Mepps spinners from size 2 to 4 are a consistent producer as well as small stickbaits.  I prefer to use small jigs rigged with a mini swimbait.

Trout love paddletails and the single hook makes hook removal much easier than a treble in the mouth.  Don’t forget about the walleye run! Walleyes and saugers are congregating in large numbers and staging for the spawn in many of the Mississippi River pools.

Pitching a jig a plastic is my favorite way to catch these fish.  Just let it touch down and slowly raise just a few inches and let it fall back to bottom.  There is no need for aggressive ripping techniques in that cold water.  Slow and steady does it.  When you feel a thump, set the hook!

There are lots of great options to keep a fisherman busy throughout the end of March and through April so go try some of them and get hooked up!


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