August Walleye Report from Lake Vermilion

August Walleye Report from Lake Vermilion

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We’ve got your current August walleye report from Lake Vermilion, courtesy of local guide Billy Rosner.

Billy hasn’t necessarily been focusing his efforts on specific depth ranges, but more so using his electronics to isolate transition areas that are holding fish. This strategy can be effective all season long, but especially in summer when the fish are setup in deep water.

Here’s where he’s been finding fish and the lures and tactics he’s been using to put them in the boat:

“As we head into mid-August the best bet for walleyes on Vermilion is going to be trusting your electronics. On my Humminbird Helix 10, I run the LakeMaster card and follow my contours to stay on the bite. I might run Side-Imaging in areas to help me find where those transitions are, like rock or rubble to sand or mud. Finding these areas is really key on Lake Vermilion.

“Don’t get hung up on depths too much. In one bay, they might be biting at 16 feet on a transition. The next bay over, they might be biting at 22 to 24 feet on a transition.

“For bait, livebait rigs with half a crawler are good. Also, don’t forget your big minnows. If you can find big creek chubs, those are working really well, too. Cover water. You can leadcore troll in areas, find some fish, then Jigging Rap them or Rippin’ Rap them up. Jig and half a crawler or jig and a minnow have been working really well, too.

“Just be versatile in August and you should get into a pretty good walleye bite here on Vermilion.”

Thanks to Billy Rosner for the excellent August walleye report from beautiful Lake Vermilion.

The with the Canadian border closure this summer, places like Vermilion have been popular hot-spots for anglers who might normally make trips up to Lake of the Woods, Rainy Lake, Eagle Lake or even the Manitoba region. To be honest, Lake Vermilion is just about as close as you’ll get to fishing north of the border and thankfully, the bite has been holding up this year!

Check back next week for another report from Billy Rosner from Big V!

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