Lake Vermilion Summer Fishing Report for Walleye & Musky

Lake Vermilion Summer Fishing Report for Walleye & Musky


Looking for the latest Lake Vermilion summer fishing report? We reached out to local guide Billy Rosner to get the juicy details of what’s happening right now on one of the best walleye and musky lakes in the state of Minnesota.

Billy talks a little bit about water temperatures and how some cold nights will impact the bite for the better over the coming weeks. He also touches on where he’s finding walleyes right now and the kinds of things you should be looking for to find the key hot spots that are holding more fish than not.

Billy also addresses what’s been a ridiculously good year for musky fishing on Lake Vermilion. Guys have been catching fish consistently in a number of different locations, including some underlooked spots like weeds, where Billy recently caught a nice one with clients.

Without further ado, here’s the latest Lake Vermilion summer fishing report from Billy Rosner:

“Summer is winding down fast here on Lake Vermilion. With that, we’re going to start getting some colder nights and that’s going to push our water temperatures down. The walleye should just get better and better as a result. You’ve heard me say this many times before, think about transitions and get into those areas that will be holding fish.

“Watch you electronics and look for those large schools of young of the year perch, those three to four inchers – there should be walleyes close by.

“The musky bite is still going strong here on Lake Vermilion. Think your rock reefs or your rock points, your big bladed baits like your Cowgirls, your big Blue Foxes, your Buchertails, all that stuff is working well, but don’t forget to fish the weeds. We caught a really beautiful fish the other day on your deep weed line. That fish was caught at moonset.

“Fishing is just going to continue to get better as these water temperatures cool off, and I’m looking forward to a really great fall up here on Lake Vermilion.”

Special thank to Billy for keeping us up to date on the bite this summer. He’s shared a lot of great information this season that’s helped many of you catch more fish!

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