Minnesota Bass Fishing Report

Minnesota Bass Fishing August Report


Here’s some great information on Minnesota bass fishing from Captain Josh Hagemeister with Minnesota Fishing Guide Service.

Minnesota is mostly known for it’s walleye fishing, but don’t sleep on the bass! It’s very quietly one of the best bass fishing lakes in the country, especially if you enjoy catching large numbers of solid sized largemouth and smallmouth bass.

Here’s how Captain Josh has been catching a boatload of largemouth bass here in August:

“We’re doing wacky worming bass this week all over central Minnesota. Five inch general Berkley Power Bait in an olive green color. Simply hooking it through the middle of the bait is what makes this a wacky worm.

“Throw it out there and dance it around the bottom, twitching it all the way back to the boat. I’m fishing the tops of sunken islands just off of the main shoreline breaks that top off at five feet and are full of weeds. The tops look like someone just got their hair cut – nice flat-shaven weeds across the top of the sunken islands.

“Just troll around the whole edge of the weeds, cast the bait into the thickest part of the weeds, dance the bait around down there and you’re going to catch bass.

“We’ve been catching LOTS of bass. Sometimes 25 or 30 bass every hour and a half or so with a couple of guys. Very, very easily done. I’m using an eight foot flippin’ stick and 20lb Berkley XT monofilament, I like old mono like this, I’m kind of old fashioned that way.

“It’s pretty simple. Spot-Lock the anchor on the Minn Kota, fan-cast around until you find a school of fish, keep chucking that bait back where you caught the first, second, third and fourth fish. You’ll pull them out of there until you catch all the active fish. Sometimes you’ll catch ten or fifteen out of one school the size of your boat.

“So try that out for fun this coming week or weekend and good luck to you out there!”

There’s you Minnesota bass fishing report for the month of August. Go out there, find a big school of largies, and put the hurtin’ on them!

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