Tips for Fishing Leech Lake Right Now

Tips for Fishing Leech Lake Right Now

by | Jul 7, 2020 | 0 comments

We have some excellent tips for fishing Leech Lake right now – one of the best walleye factory in northern Minnesota. This week, Jason Freed shares a few tips that will help you put a few more walleyes in the boat:

“Hey everyone this is Jason Freed with Leisure Outdoor Adventures with your AnglingBuzz report for Leech Lake.

“We are officially in the middle of summer. The mayflies have hatches. We have minnows and young of the year perch throughout the system for walleyes to eat. The Leech Lake system is full of bait right now, which can sometimes mean a little tougher fishing conditions, but it’s all about adapting right now.

“When you head out onto Leech Lake, the fish are still going to be found on the main lake off those main lake reefs, out into the mud and in those transitions areas, as well as sand.

“The best bet is to troll with spinners and crawlers, crankbaits on windy days, and Lindy rigs and slip bobbers, as well. Finding those long, deep break lines and those main lake rocks is going to be the key.

“Walker bay, once again moving out onto some of the main lake structure – some of the humps, some of the bars – rigging leeches, rigging crawlers, rigging minnows work well. As does Jigging Raps and slip bobbers and power corking.

“The musky bite is going to start heating up here in the month of July. The casting bite is going to get better. The topwater bite is going to get better. Bass fishing has been great, smallmouth fishing as well. People tend to forget about the smallies.

“But right now it’s mid summer. You need to adapt and have different presentations out on Leech Lake. Head out there, catch some fish, come see us, and I’ll see you soon!”

Thanks to Jason for some great tips for fishing Leech Lake. Sounds like a number of presentations are working right now, but you need to be willing to experiment on a daily basis if you want to maximize your catch.

Make sure to check back in next week for another up-to-date fishing report from Leech Lake and other popular lakes throughout the area.

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