Duluth Area Fishing Report for Early July

Duluth Area Fishing Report for Early July

by | Jul 7, 2020 | 0 comments

Captain Jarrid Houston checks in with the latest Duluth area fishing report for early July.

The water temperatures are rising like a hot balloon right now with this extremely hot weather we’ve been experiencing throughout the area. Here’s what Jarrid has been seeing and how he’s been catching fish throughout this transition period:

“Hey, what’s going on rock star anglers. Captain Jarrid Houston here with your fresh report from Duluth/Superior.

“It is finally summertime! Make sure you wear your sunglasses, your sunscreen. We have massive bug hatches right now as well as black flies and mosquitoes, so make sure you’re covering up and protecting yourself from those types of things.

“Fishing-wise on Lake Superior, it’s getting to be a high spike of water temperatures in all our waters, so now we’re transitioning to deep stuff. Downriggers are a thing for the lake trout and the salmon. Leadcore and dipsy divers are in play. The walleyes are not so deep, so you can come up into that 25 foot range and catch them.

“The south shore has been good. Make sure you’re combing water. An anglers best friend this time of year is Off Shore Planer boards. If you go on big expansive flats of bodies of water around here, you will stay away from snags and this is a good way to do it.

“Let’s talk about inland lakes and the St. Louis River estuary. Livebait has kind of went the wayside for us right now, so now we’re ripping Northland Impulse plastics. They have been really hot for us. We’re ripping them in weeds, structure of wood, docks, underneath the boat where you have some shade from the sun (that’s a good spot).

“Panfish are in their post spawn move by the vegetation, as well as the pike and bass. We’ve been getting some really nice smallmouth bass as well.

“That’s what we have going on right no in Duluth/Superior. Rock and roll, keep it real!”

Special thanks to Captain Jarrid Houston for keeping us up to date with another Duluth area fishing report. You can see all of Jarrid’s past report by clicking here. I’m sure we’ll be hearing more from him this summer!

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