Lake Vermilion Panfish Report – 2 Tactics for Success

Lake Vermilion Panfish Report – 2 Tactics for Success


Here’s something a little different, a Lake Vermilion panfish report.

We all love walleye fishing and Lake Vermilion is one of the best walleye fisheries in the state of Minnesota, but don’t sleep on the panfish bite. It can be boatload of action and they make for some excellent table fair.

In his report, local guide Billy Rosner shares a couple of his favorite tactics for putting north country panfish in the boat with both finesse and power fishing presentations. Here’s his report for this week:

“It’s definitely shaping up to be a really hot summer up here on Lake Vermilion. The water temperatures are skyrocketing.

“Vermilion is known for it’s walleye and it’s muskies, but there’s also some really quality panfish in Vermilion, both bluegills and crappies. You can go about them your traditional ways, using slip-bobbers and a livebait. A fun way to do it – and this is where your electronics come in – is getting out into that open water and locating big schools of crappies. Cast these Rapala Shad Dancers into those areas. They dive really quick with that big long bill, and they’ll get down deep really fast. You can even long-line troll through them with the same bait.

“Another popular way to catch them is dropshotting. You’ve all heard of dropshotting for bass. Well, it’s starting to be a really good technique for even walleye and it’s very effective for panfish, too. Give that a shot. There’s some really good info on on the dropshotting methods for panfish – it’s just a really fun way to get into some really quality panfish on Lake Vermilion.

“Have a great week and be safe out there!

There you have it, a mid-July Lake Vermilion panfish report. Make sure to check back again next week for another report from Lake Vermilion. Billy Rosner will be sharing new report every single week throughout the entire summer, so if you’ve got plans to head up to Vermilion for a fishing trip this summer, you can keep up-to-date with the bite throughout the weeks leading up to your visit.

Hopefully these tips help you put a few more fish in the boat this week!

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