Lake Vermilion Weed Walleye Fishing Report

Lake Vermilion Weed Walleye Fishing Report


Local guide Billy Rosner has been having a lot of success chasing down Lake Vermilion weed walleye, fishing around chara grass and sand grass.

Many folks love to fish out on deepwater structure this time of year, but healthy green weeds will hold walleyes all season long, especially the stuff that Billy mentions in his report. There’s a number of different ways to pick apart this kind of cover, but a simple, tried and true technique is simply pulling a livebait rig through it, tipped with the meat of your choice.

Here’s a quick report on the action from Billy:

“I’m out walleye fishing with Mitch and Lynn today. It’s a very patient bite, but we ended up catching some really nice walleyes on some sand grass and chara grass. There’s perch in there, and that equals walleyes!

“Livebait rigs and a half a crawler, paired with a 48 inch leader and a slip sinker and a #4 VMC wide gap walleye hook. It’s been a very nice morning on Lake Vermilion!

“A great tip is find other areas like that. Duplicate those spots. If you find the perch in there, most likely you’ll find the walleyes in those spots. If you have good luck in one area with that chara/sand grass, look for more areas like that and duplicate it, and I guarantee you are going to put more walleyes in the net.”

Next time you head north for some hot fishing action, don’t overlook the Lake Vermilion weed walleye bite. It’s late summer right now, but this pattern will hold true all year, as long as you still have good green weeds to target. They produce oxygen and attract baitfish from all throughout the area. As a general rule of thumb, it pays to fish where the biggest biomass of baitfish and predator fish are lurking, whether that’s in deep water or up in the shallows.

If you’re heading up to Lake Vermilion anytime soon, make sure to check our website for more fishing reports from the area. We’ve been posting new reports every week and will continue to do so until the end of the summer. Enjoy!

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