Early July Lake Vermilion Musky Fishing Report

Lake Vermilion Musky Fishing Report for Early July

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Local guide Billy Rosner is coming in hot with a fresh Lake Vermilion musky report for those of you looking to put one of those elusive toothy Esox in the boat this week.

Catching a musky is no easy task, especially if you’ve never hooked one before, but Lake Vermilion is one of the best musky lakes in the state, which certainly helps your odds at the end of the day. In his report, Billy shares some excellent tips that should get you pointed in the right direction.

Here’s what he had to say:

“The weather up here on Vermilion has been very hot and it’s really kicked up our water temperatures, which means the musky and pike metabolisms are cranked high right now. It’s a great time to hook up on one.

“Think about windows of opportunity right now Vermilion. What I mean by that is sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonsets, fronts coming in, that sort of thing. It pays huge dividends up here on Vermilion. When you see a nice fish, throw a waypoint down and come in after him on one of those prime times, and you’re probably going to hook up on him.

“Everything in the box is working now. You can throw your big rubber baits, Suicks, double bladed Cowgirls, all that stuff is working very well.

“Vermilion is marked very well – your rock reefs and whatnot – with hazard markers. Throw on a smaller bucktail, a Buchertail, Blue Fox, Mepps, etc. Stay a ways off of those reefs and make a really long cast and burn those baits in. That should get you some musky action on Vermilion.

“Have a great week and be safe out there!”

As the water temperatures continue to climb, the muskies are going to move out of the open water basin areas and onto adjacent rocks and weed beds. More and more fish will be moving into these areas, providing more opportunities for anglers looking to catch fish up shallow.

Make sure to check back next week here at anglingbuzz-restore.mystagingwebsite.com for more fresh fishing report from Lake Vermilion. We’ll have a new report every single week throughout the summer.

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