Wausau Fishing Report for Bass, Walleye and Musky

Wausau Fishing Report for Bass, Walleye and Musky


If you’re on the hunt for a Wausau fishing report, we’ve got the latest on bass fishing, walleye fishing, and catching some muskies courtesy of local stick Justin Gaiche:

“Justin Gaiche here with Chase Outdoors talking to you about the fishing in north central Wisconsin. Right now it’s super important to be able to adapt to transitions. There’s a lot of things going on depending on whether you’re in the river systems in the Wausau area, lakes in the north woods, or on some of the smaller bodies of water in and around the Wausau area.

“Right now water temperatures are changing drastically. We’ve moved from anywhere in the mid 60’s all the way up to the mid 70’s in some areas. In the Wausau area right now, bluegills are on their beds. In addition, the bow fishermen are really enjoying shooting carp with the common carp spawn happening in full force.

“As far as fishing goes outside of panfish, bass is a really hot topic. Smallmouth bass are on their beds up in the north woods. Here in the Wausau area smallmouth and largemouth have transitioned into their post spawn areas. As far as locating post spawn largemouth right now, what we’re doing is looking for adjacent new weed growth and we’re fishing with a variety of lures depending on the conditions.

“Yesterday we didn’t have any shirts on, we were getting sun tans and having a good time. Today it’s super cold out and raining, so you need to be able to transition and adapt. When things were really good yesterday, we were using jigs and plastics on deep weed growth. On days like today, you need to bring in some finesse presentation. Things like wacky-rigged senkos, Ned rigs, and use a fluorocarbon leader. Lighter lines and presentations will be good for you.

“As far as muskies, shallow new weed growth with bucktails has been really good. Topwater guys have been having some action, too. Walleyes are also moving on the transition to their early summer patterns. We’ve had a lot of success catching them trolling with crankbaits.”

There’s your latest Wausau fishing report – thanks Justin!

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