Lake Winnebago Fishing Report for Mid-June Walleye

Lake Winnebago Fishing Report for Mid-June Walleye

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If you’re looking for the latest Lake Winnebago fishing report, you’ve come to the right place! Local guide Troy Peterson (AKA: Mr. Bluegill) has been keeping close tabs on the walleyes all throughout the system, and he’s got some great information to share this week.

Here’s Troy’s report:

“The walleye bite is really heating up. A couple things you need to look for is water clarity. When the sun is high and the sky is blue on those calm days, the fish are out over those mud flats, targeting 18-20 feet of water. We’ve been trolling crankbaits, whether it’s the Salmo Hornet, Flicker Minnows, Flicker Shads, anything in the purple color has been working really good. We’ve been getting those baits down in that 10-15 foot range. That’s been an extremely effective tactic on those calm days.

“When we have some wind or cloud cover, we’ve been getting up on top of the reefs anywhere from the north shore all the way down to Oshkosh on all the little rock humps. Casting jigs with crawlers or jigs with plastics has been a great tactic for catching them. We’ve also been crankbaits and even pulling the same baits we’ve been using out over the mud flats, long-lining them over the rocks.

“There’s a lot of great-sized eater fish – remember the three-fish limit did go into effect this year, so each person is allowed to take home three walleyes. There’s a lot of great eaters in the system to take advantage of. Troy Peterson “Mr. Bluegill” signing off. Have a great summer, we’ll see you on the water!”

That wraps things up for the latest Lake Winnebago fishing report. Special thanks to Troy Peterson for sharing some helpful tips with us this week. He laid out an easy to understand blueprint to find walleyes on both flat calm days and windy, overcast days.

There’s a lot of different ways to catch walleye on Lake Winnebago, so chances are you’ll be able to on your favorite lure. Use these tips this week on the ‘Bago and you’re sure to put a few more walleye in the boat…. and possibly even in the pan!

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