Duluth/Superior Twin Ports Fishing Report

Duluth/Superior Twin Ports Fishing Report


We reached out to local guide Jarrid Houston for a Twin Ports fishing report from the Duluth/Superior area. He shared the goods on the ENTIRE region, including Lake Superior, the St. Louis River, and the local area inland lakes.

Jarrid’s been chasing a variety of species of fish from big walleyes all the way down to plus-sized panfish. This is a diverse area with a lot of different opportunities for red hot fishing action.

Here’s what Jarrid had to say about bite right now throughout the beautiful Arrowhead Region of Minnesota:

“What’s crack-a-lackin’ brothers and sisters of the angling community? Captain Jarrid Houston here, report from the Arrowhead region of Lake Superior – Twin Ports baby!

“Let’s start with the south shore of Lake Superior. There’s a magical walleye bite going on right now if you can find them. It can be a big gamble and a lot of time in-between bites, but when you locate them and stay on them and you’ve got your finger on the pulse, it’s an awesome bite.

“We’ve been using long bodied stick baits, trying to dig down deep into that thirty to forty feet of water. We’ve been concentrating on the river mouths – look for that tea colored water, not the clear stuff in Lake Superior and not the muddy stuff near shore, kind of that in-between stuff.

“On the St. Louis River, things have been quiet. We’re still waiting for those walleyes to return back into the river system, but we’re getting there! We’re also getting into the inland bite recently. Panfish onto the weeds and under the docks. We’re looking for places where they can hide in the shade. Mid lake reefs and stuff like that are working great.

“Things are dynamite, man. Lake Superior, St. Louis River, inland water, Brule River. Rock and roll, tight lines, see you later!”

Sounds like they’ve been catching fish a variety of different ways in the Duluth/Superior area. As you can probably guess, sharing a boat with Jarrid Houston is truly a blast, and you catch a bunch of fish to boot. Thanks for the awesome Twin Ports fishing report this week!

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