Lake Winnebago Flathead Catfish Report

Lake Winnebago Flathead Catfish Report


Here’s something unique for you, a Lake Winnebago flathead catfish report. Not only is the species of fish fairly unique in the Upper Midwest, but local guide Troy Peterson has also been catching them in a very untraditional way. No need to mess around with cut bait or live bluegills, Troy has been catching them with artificials that aren’t going to stink up the boat.

Here’s exactly how he’s been able to do it:

“Hey everyone. Troy Peterson “Mr. Bluegill” here, and welcome to another AnglingBuzz Buzz Bite Report coming to you from the Lake Winnebago system. This week, we’re chasing river monsters! Big giant flathead catfish. Boy, they put up a huge fight and are a lot of fun to catch, but they’re also probably one of the best eating fish that we have in our system, in my opinion.

“A lot of guys like to fish cut but and maybe some small bluegills or something like that for them, but we’ve found that if you can find some holes that are underneath these bridges or just around the edge of these bridges, trolling baits (anything bright colored because the waters dirty) like a Flicker Shad or a Flicker Minnow down deep, hitting those holes. These big flatheads cannot resist something bright and shiny going by their face, and they eat it!

“We’ve been catching a lot of big fish in the Oshkosh area doing this and it’s really been consistently putting fish in the boat. If you want to go out and have some fun, get some Flicker Shads, some trolling rods and some Off Shore Planer Boards and go give it a try. I can guarantee you’re going to catch some fish doing it. I’m Troy Peterson “Mr. Bluegill” – we’ll catch you guys on the water!”

Most folks head to this area to chase the walleyes, but don’t forget about the Lake Winnebago flathead catfish bite throughout the system. These are some truly magnificent creatures that are extremely underrated here in the Upper Midwest. They get quite large, put up a great fight, and they also make for some excellent table-fare. Thanks to Troy Peterson for the great report!

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