Duluth Area & Lake Superior Fishing Report

Duluth Area & Lake Superior Fishing Report

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Captain Jarrid Houston is checking in with the latest Duluth and Lake Superior fishing report for early June. He covers down the trout and salmon bite happening right now on the big lake, as well as the panfish and crappie action on the inland lakes throughout the Duluth/Superior area, and he wraps things up with a quick updates on the walleye fishing in the St. Louis River, including the exact presentation he’s been using to put fish in the boat.

With out further ado, here’s the Duluth/Lake Superior fishing report:

“What’s up Buzz anglers! We are reporting from Duluth/Superior on a bunch of awesome bites. We’ll start a Lake Superior fishing report – catching a lot of fish out five miles off the Duluth entry. They are using a lot of stickbaits in 50 to 70 to 100 feet of water. Lake trout, brown trout, a few cohos. We’ve a little king salmon action, too.”

Duluth Area Lake Superior Fishing Report

“On the inland lakes, we’re getting some panfish in the vegetation. Crappies are up in their spawning areas doing their thing. Lots a males sweeping, making sure the females are ready for when they come up to do their thing.

“Lastly, we have the St. Louis River. We’re out fishing right now in four feet of water on a really slow troll roll. We’ve been using Northland Baitfish spinners paired with some 1oz Rock Runner bottom bouncers. That’s the report from the St. Louis River. Hopefully everyone’s having a good season. Rock and roll, tight lines!”

As you can tell, there’s a lot going on right now Jarrid’s neck of the woods. The trout/salmon trolling action is always a blast, and it’s truly what that part of the state is known for. That spawning panfish bite has been a staple all throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin the last week, but warm water temperatures and a recent full moon has started to wrap things up in many parts of the region. And of course, Jarrid is always on top of the walleye bite on the St. Louis River.

Stay tuned, because we’ll have more Duluth/Lake Superior fishing reports this summer from Captain Jarrid Houston!

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