Fishing Report for Walleyes on Leech Lake

Fishing Report for Walleyes on Leech Lake


This is the latest and greatest fishing report for walleyes on Leech Lake, featuring local guide Jeff Andersen of Leisure Outdoor Adventures. Leech Lake is an excellent multi-species fishery for walleye, bass, muskies, panfish, you name it. The walleye bite has been strong all season, starting with opener.

As fish begin to transition from their favorite spring spots out to their summer haunts, there’s a number of different ways you can tempt them into biting. Don’t think it’s a jig-only program or even a livebait-only program.

Jeff Andersen has spent plenty of time on the water this year, here’s his latest report:

“You can catch walleyes on Leech Lake anyway you want, right now. Jig and a minnow, my favorite way to catch them, is still hot. You can pitch a Jigging Rap. You can pull a Lindy Rig with a leech or nightcrawler. You can pull spinners. You can pull crankbaits at night. You can slip bobber fish. You can catch walleyes every single way.

“The key is find the shiners, pay attention to the wind and look at your water temperatures – all those things. Take as much information as possible when you’re driving your boat around and you’ll find big pods of fish. Earlier in the season, we had smaller pods of fish, now those pods of fish have grown, we’re catching them, and the bite has been on fire.”

As Jeff outlined, what’s great about fishing walleyes on Leech Lake is there’s a number of great ways to catch them. You aren’t pigeonholed into one window of techniques. If you have a favorite way to catch them, chances are you can go out and do it on Leech.

We’re going to be posting fresh, new fishing reports every week on Leech Lake from various experienced fishing guides who have a lot of experience on the lake. Make sure to check back next week for the latest information that will help you catch more walleye, bass, muskies and more!

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