Devils Lake Buzz Bite Report 2-3-2023

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North Dakota guide Jason Mitchell gives his latest Buzz Bite Report for Devils Lake on February 3rd, 2023.

Devils Lake Buzz Bite Report 2-3-2023

Overall the fishing on Devils Lake has been pretty good. The good news is the perch numbers are defiantly up compared to previous years and the walleye fishing has been really good.

The bad news is that we’ve got a lot of snow and a decent amount of slush forming. If you don’t have a track machine or snowmobile it’s going to be difficult to get around.

There are a few plowed roads by some of the resorts, the casino, and East Bay campground, but overall you’ll be pretty limited to where you can go.

Target perch in thirty-four out to thirty-nine feet of water. Small tungsten jigs like the Clam Snow Drop XL in a glow or gold color have worked great. Tip the jig with either a minnow head or wax worm.

Walleyes can be caught in seven to thirteen feet of water on main lake structure during primetime hours in the morning and evening.

Aggressive jigging baits like the Clam Tikka mino or the Pinhead pro spoon tipped with a minnow head has produced a majority of our fish.

Stay safe and good luck to all the anglers fishing Devils Lake!

  • Jason Mitchell


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About Jason Mitchell
Over the past decade, Jason Mitchell has earned a legendary status as a professional hunting and fishing guide on North Dakota’s Devils Lake. Jason began his career as a guide at an early age and in the span of a decade, built one of the largest open water guide services in existence (Mitchell’s Guide Service head quartered out of Woodland Resort) and was a key member of Devils Lake’s famed Perch Patrol Guide Service during the winter. Mitchell also spent up to seventy five days each fall as a waterfowl hunting guide before expanding into television. During that time, Mitchell logged thousands of hours on the water and ice, earning a reputation for not only being an extraordinary guide, hunter and angler but also a gifted writer, communicator and promoter. Jason’s credibility is grounded by a combination of extensive time on the water, a reputation for honesty and integrity. During Mitchell’s career as a guide, he worked with a “who’s who” of outdoor writers, television show hosts and celebrities in the fishing and hunting industry. Mitchell had a well earned status of being one of the elite guides making a living from fishing and hunting. The hunting and fishing industry began to realize what Mitchell’s guide customers did long before, several writers and television hosts began to trust Mitchell as a guide they could count on for both strong editorial and video footage. Mitchell’s experience and time on the water or in the field is hard to duplicate. “A step into Jason Mitchell’s boat makes any angler a much better fishermen because Jason is so in tuned to what is happening on the water and is such a masterful teacher,” explains veteran outdoor writer Mark Strand. While Mitchell’s reputation as a guide, hunter and angler may be recognized, what continues to drive his popularity is an uncommon modesty and humbleness that is refreshing to many viewers.


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