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Fort Peck Buzz Bite Report 2-6-2023

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Josh Johnson of Fishcast Angling guide service gives his latest Buzz Bite Report for Fort Peck on February 6th, 2023.

Fort Peck Buzz Bite Report 2-6-2023

We are still catching lots of lake trout with a few big ones mixed in. Ice Conditions are still really good out here on Fort Peck, but as always please use extreme caution and check as you go.

Lake trout can be caught on main lake structure in depths between fifty and ninety feet of water. Look for a complex of humps, saddle systems, flats near deep water, and main lake points.

These fish can be caught a number of different ways. One of the best presentations is a Nishine Smelthead swimbait jig paired with a white forked-tail swimbait.

White and chartreuse tubes and rattlebaits like Rapala Rippin Rap in a size 7 have also been producing a number of trout.

The ten day forecast looks good with temps in the high thirties even touching the low forties. The lake trout bite should continue to be good for awhile. Good luck to all the anglers out fishing on Fort Peck Lake! Have fun and stay safe!

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