shallow water walleye

Shallow Water Walleye


For a good portion of the year walleyes can be found in really shallow water. James Lindner breaks down how to locate and catch shallow water walleyes.

Shallow Water Walleye

Most anglers don’t put the words walleyes and shallow into the same sentence. However the reality is that for a good portion of the year, big schools of walleye can be found in some really shallow water.

It’s fairly common to find walleyes in less than eight feet of water, even on flat calm days.

The key to locating these fish is the utilization of  electronics, specifically Side Imaging.

These shallow water walleye are really going to stick out on these sandy flats and mark incredibly well on side imaging.

Once we have located an area that is holding some shallow water fish, we will drive through and scan, marking the pods of fish. Then we will turn back around and spot lock the boat about a cast away from our waypoints. This is important, because these fish can be spooky in this shallow water, so positioning your boat far enough away will allow you to get more bites.

When it comes to lure selection hair jigs and swimbaits are tough to beat. Rip jigging a hair jig or swim bait is a sure fire way to trigger shallow water walleyes into biting.

Pulling crankbaits can be another good option.

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