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Where to Find Summer Walleyes

by | Jul 7, 2022 | 0 comments

Avid angler Joel Nelson highlights a few key areas you should be targeting to find summer walleyes.

Where to Find Summer Walleyes

As most anglers know, it can be a challenge to find summer walleyes. The issue is that during the summer the walleyes can be anywhere on the lake. Some may be in the weeds, some can be found on rocks, and some may be out in open water. Certain fish may be feeding on bugs, while others are keying in on schools of baitfish.

Because there are so many options it can be difficult to narrow down the fish, but the following are my top three places/ pieces of structure that you can find walleyes on all summer long.

Weedy Flats

Flats with good weed growth are great place to target summer walleyes, because they hold so much bait and they offer great cover for these predatory fish to ambush from. Look for large flats that have good weed growth, with the access to deep water close by.

Work along the edge of the weed line, and look for any depressions or points that stick out along the flat. Those little changes are going to hold fish.

Off Shore Structure

During the summer most walleye anglers target off shore structures like deep water reefs, saddle systems, and sunken islands.

All three of these offshore pieces of structure are going to hold walleyes. The key to finding fish on offshore structure is to utilize your electronics to find the “spot on the spot”. Use your side imaging and down imaging to look for inside turns, points, or any other feature that stands out on the piece of off shore structure.

You will also want to take account for the wind factor. If you have a strong wind blowing onto one side of the reef, there is a good chance bait and walleyes will be stacked up on that side.

find summer walleyes

Main Lake Points

You will also find summer walleyes on main lake points. Generally, it will be the same points you found them on in the spring, but the walleyes have made a small move to slightly deeper water. Look for any small flat along the point because that is going to hold fish. Focus on points that are wind blown.

If you search these three structures with your electronics you will be able to find summer walleyes.

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