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Hayward Wisconsin Buzz Bite Report 5-27-2022

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Wisconsin fishing guide Jeff Evans gives his latest Buzz Bite Report for the  Hayward Wisconsin area on May 27th, 2022.

Hayward Wisconsin Buzz Bite Report 5-27-2022

The walleyes have finished up spawning and are moving towards those first emerging weed beds and sand flats.

These fish can be caught in six to eight feet of water on dark water lakes, and on clear water lakes look for fish in ten to twelve feet of water.

Small 1/16oz jigs paired with a shiner will produce good numbers of fish.

The crappies have really started to move into the shallows. You can catch these fish with small jigs paired with plastics or crappie minnows under a float.

Smallmouth bass have moved in shallow and can be caught on jerk baits and hair jigs. Look for those fish in less than ten feet of water near their spawning areas.

Within the next week or so these smallies will begin to spawn.

Good luck to all the anglers fishing in the Hayward Wisconsin area!

Jeff Evans

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