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Lake Vermilion Buzz Bite Report 5-31-2022

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Matt Snyder gives his latest Buzz Bite Report for Lake Vermilion on May 31st, 2022.

Lake Vermilion Buzz Bite Report 5-31-2022

High water conditions are the only obstacle facing those wetting their lines on the majestic lake we all love so dearly. Channel and hazard buoys have been placed and the lake is set for another amazing season. Without further delay let’s jump into the tactics that have been working to locate and catch walleyes, bass, and pike during the first days of the season.

Walleye – The walleye bite has been nothing short of exceptional for anglers all over Vermilion. The west and the east end of Vermillion have both produced reports of excellent catches of keeper and trophy size walleyes.

Water temperatures in shallow bays are ranging from the low to mid 50s and the large basins of Vermilion are seeing water temperatures in the low to mid 40s. Shallow water anglers and those fishing in the mid depths up to 24 feet of water have both done exceptionally well.

Jig with a minnow, jig with plastics, trolling crankbaits, and lindy rigs with minnows have been the top producing methods to put walleyes in the net. As the water temperatures rise minnows along with leeches will produce for those looking for that next walleye bite.

Bass – Smallmouth bass are starting to load up in thier respective spawning areas. Jerk baits, tube jigs and senkos have been the go to for those looking to tangle with the giant smallmouth that roam the waters of Lake Vermilion. Weed growth has yet to begin so focusing on shallow warm water and the mouths of those bays is where most bass anglers have had the best success. As the water temperatures continue to rise more and more bass with push up providing one of the best times to target bass on Lake Vermilion.

lake vermilion smallmouth bass

Pike – The pike spawn is complete and the pike  are hungry! As mentioned above, there has yet to be much weed growth due to the late ice out, high water, and cooler than average water temperatures.

Those who fished for pike have done very well in 2 – 4 feet of water around reed beds that have yet to emerge and what are typically weedy bays. With little weed growth  the  aggressive pike were caught casting and trolling crankbaits, 4 inch swimbaits and spoons tipped with plastic trailers.  With little vegetation trolling shallow running cranks in areas that are usually full of weeds is tough to beat right now.

Musky – Musky season is set to open June 4th, 2022. Now is the time to sharpen those hooks, respool your reels, study lake maps and prepare to hunt the largest fish that calls Lake Vermilion home. With the state record catch and release musky swimming in Vermilion maybe you can be the one to catch and release her again!

As you can tell this is a very exciting time for all of us who love to be on the lake. Please be aware of the high water conditions and pay extra special attention when navigating Lake Vermilion. I look forward to the remainder of the season and proving readers with accurate and precise fishing reports.

Tight lines,

Matt Snyder


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