Eating Fish

Catching & Eating Fish (Tackle/Gear for the Job)


As much as we promote catch & release, we also love to eat a few fish every now and then. Here’s a quick list of gear that will be helpful in your next “catch & cook” with items ranging from retractable rulers and fillet knives to the products required to actually get ’em in the boat.

Catching & Eating Fish (Tackle/Gear for the Job)

Measuring Your Catch with Rapala

When it comes to selective harvest, knowing the size of the fish you can keep is crucial. That’s where the Rapala 60-inch retractable ruler comes in handy. This ruler is easy to see and compact, making it convenient to carry around. It features a lip on the bottom where you can place the fish’s nose to measure it accurately. With a maximum length of 60 inches, this ruler is a must-have for any angler.

Filleting Made Easy with Bubba Blade

Once you’ve caught your fish, the next step is filleting it. The Bubba Blade electric fillet knife is a great tool for this task. It comes with four different size blades, allowing you to choose the right one for the job. The blades vary in stiffness, with more flexible options for smaller fish like panfish and stiffer blades for larger catches like salmon. The knife also features an 8-foot cord and a non-slip grip handle, ensuring ease of use and safety. Filleting your catch has never been easier with the Bubba Blade electric fillet knife.

Reeling in the Big Ones with Daiwa

Having a reliable fishing reel is essential for landing big fish. The Daiwa Revros LT is a great option for anglers looking for a versatile spinning reel. The 2000 model is perfect for medium-sized spinning rods, ranging from six and a half to seven feet. The LT series, which stands for light and tough, lives up to its name. Weighing just over 7 ounces, this reel is lightweight yet durable. With the Daiwa Revros LT, you can confidently catch a wide range of fish.

Staying Comfortable with Blackfish

When you’re out on the water, it’s important to stay comfortable, regardless of the weather conditions. Blackfish offers a range of outdoor products, including the Cool Core Guide Hoody. This hoody is not only comfortable but also provides protection from the sun. It’s perfect for hot days when you need to shield yourself from harmful UV rays. Additionally, the Cool Core Guide Hoody can be layered for colder weather, making it a versatile piece of clothing for any angler.

Casting and Trolling with Northland Tackle

Spoons are a classic fishing lure that can be used for both casting and trolling. Northland Tackle offers the Forge Minnow Casting Spoon, which is highly effective for catching pike, trout, and salmon. These spo ons feature a high-quality treble hook on the bottom, ensuring a secure hookset. They are designed to be casted or trolled, making them versatile for different fishing techniques. The Forge Minnow Casting Spoon from Northland Tackle is a reliable choice for anglers looking to catch a variety of fish species.

Swimbaits Made Easy with Storm

Swimbaits can be a bit tricky to use, but Storm makes it easy with their 360 GT Search Bait series. These swimbaits come in two different models, each with two extra bodies included. The regular model is great for casting and reeling, while the new swimmer model adds extra action with its lip. This lip allows for side-to-side action, making it ideal for fishing around wood or timber. The 360 GT Search Bait series from Storm is a game-changer when it comes to swimbaits.


Having the right tackle and gear can greatly enhance your fishing experience. From measuring your catch with the Rapala retractable ruler to filleting your fish with the Bubba Blade electric fillet knife, these products are designed to make your fishing trips more successful and enjoyable. The Daiwa Revros LT spinning reel offers reliability and versatility, while the Blackfish Cool Core Guide Hoody keeps you comfortable in any weather. And don’t forget about the classic spoons from Northland Tackle and the innovative swimbaits from Storm. All of these products are available online at Fleet Farm or in your local store. So gear up and get ready for your next fishing adventure!

Rapala 60″ Retractable Ruler – $19.99
Bubba Blade Electric Fillet Knife – $124.99
Daiwa Revros LT Spinning Reel – $49.99
Blackfish CoolCore Guide Hoodie – $59.99
Northland Forage Minnow Casting Spoon – $4.49
Storm 360GT Searchbait – $4.99
Storm 360GT Searchbait Swimmer – $5.49

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