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How to Fillet Walleye WITH Electric Fillet Knifes

by | Nov 12, 2022 | 0 comments

Most folks use traditional straight-edge blades to fillet walleye, but electric powered knives can speed things up when you’re cutting big fish or processing large numbers of Walleyes.

How to Fillet Walleye WITH Electric Fillet Knifes

When I fillet walleye the electric knife I use is the Bubba Lithium Ion Cordless knife. Some of the advantages of this knife is that you can attach multiple blades for different cleaning applications. So whether it is panfish, walleye, or any other species of fish you have a knife for that.  I also really like the cordless knife because I can take it anywhere and it has a long battery life.

Now when cleaning walleyes with a electric knife I like to do it a little different then I would with a standard fillet knife.

I start at the gill plate making a diagonal cut towards the head and all the way to the center of the fish until you hit the backbone.

Next I will turn the knife it run it along the back bone and down to the tail. The nice part about the electric knife is I can cut right through the ribs and don’t have to go around them like you would with a standard knife. It saves a lot of time. Between the speed of the electric knife and the ability to cut right through the ribcage you are able to save yourself a ton of time.

Then I will flip over and repeat this on the other side.

After that all you have to do it cut out the rib bones and pin bones quick and fillet the meat off the skin. This can all be done with an electric knife but if you can also use a standard fillet knife if you are more comfortable.

Once you get used to using an electric fillet knife you’ll be able to fillet a couple of walleyes within a matter of minutes.

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