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Southern Saskatchewan Buzz Bite Report 2-28-22

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Avid angler Jeff Matity of gives his latest Buzz Bite Report for Southern Saskatchewan on February 28th, 2022.

Southern Saskatchewan Buzz Bite Report 2-28-22

Right now we’ve got really good ice conditions on the lakes in the area. We had a warm stretch which melted some of the snow and then it got cold and created a nice hard pack on top of the ice. The lake accesses are all good and we have a decent amount of ice roads, so it’s pretty easy to get around.

As always, travel with caution.

The bite has been really good. Everything is biting. Anglers can expect to catch a mixed bag of northern pike, walleye, burbot, perch, and ciscos.

The northern pike and burbot bite are only going to get better over the next few weeks as we get closer to late ice.

You can catch fish a number of different ways, but spoons tipped with minnow heads seem to be working for everything.

Setlines with big baits are producing the biggest pike and the edge of shallow bays seem to be holding the most fish.

Good luck to all the anglers out enjoying the good fishing and be safe!

-Jeff and Jason Matity

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