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Horizontal vs Vertical Presentations

by | Dec 21, 2021 | 0 comments

Matt Johnson of Clam Outdoors breaks down horizontal and vertical presentations for finicky panfish.

Horizontal vs Vertical Presentations

Most anglers like to go with horizontal presentations when targeting panfish, because it seems to make the most sense in the fact that it gives you the most opportunity for jigging and feel.

The bait also has a very natural look when presented horizontal.

Although horizontal presentations are very effect, there are certain situations where a vertical presentation will out perform anything else.

Anytime you are facing a super tough bite, or a lot of fishing pressure, switching to a vertical style presentation can great improve the number of fish you bring topside and it has to do with the action of the bait and the hook point orientation.

I like to use the half Ant by clam and I’ll pair it with Clam Polli XL and I will rig it horizontally. By using a vertical jig the hook placement is in a better position to catch panfish that nip or softly bite at your bait.

Next time you face a hard bite, try using a vertical presentation paired with a horizontal placed plastic to trick those big crappies and bluegills into biting.

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