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Knot Position and Lure Angles for Panfish

by | Jan 26, 2022 | 0 comments

Ice fishing legend Dave Genz offers up a few tips regarding your knot position and lure angle for panfish through the ice.

Knot Position and Lure Angles for Panfish

During the winter, big panfish have a tendency to really examine your presentation before eating. If the smallest thing is off they will quickly reject your offering and move on.

Because of this it is important to understand how your knot position and lure angle can trigger more fish into biting.

Take the Clam Dropkick jig for instant. This jig is super effective and works great for big crappies and bluegills, but with the wrong knot placement its action can be reduced.

If I have my knot positioned towards the front of the bait, I am not going to get the same action as I would if my knot was placed in the center or towards the back. By adjusting my knot towards the back of the jig head I can really maximize the amount of movement and action I can get out of it.

This concept applies to all different types of horizontal and vertical ice fishing jigs.

By making the subtle change it can completely change the action of your bait and can help seal the deal with it comes to finicky winter panfish.

Hopefully this helps you catch a few more panfish this ice season. 

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