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Three Go-To Panfish Presentations

by | Feb 16, 2022 | 0 comments

Minnesota fishing guide Tony Roach shares his top three go-to panfish presentations for winter crappies, bluegills, and perch.

Three Go-To Panfish Presentations

When it comes to chasing panfish all winter there’s really three go-to presentations that I use in almost all scenarios. Each one has a specific time and place were it is most effective.

My first go-to panfish presentation when I am searching for fish is a spoon. I really like to use a VMC Flash Champ spoon in a 1/32 oz or 1/16 oz, because it calls fish in and it targets those bigger, aggressive fish.

You can also fish a spoon fast and it allows your to move from spot to spot locating the school. The spoon really shines if I am fishing deeper than twenty feet of water, because it can get down there quickly.

My second go-to panfish presentation is an aggressive horizontal style bait like the Rapala Ultra Light Rippin Rap. I really like to use this bait when I am in search mode, because it really calls in the fish.

When using this bait I like to tip the front treble hook with a wax worm, because it gives the fish something to key in on. I prefer to use this in shallower situations usually twenty-five feet or less.

Now whether I am using a small spoon or a horizontal bait like the Rippin Rap, within a few drops you should be able to identify the fishes mood.

If they are eating the bigger baits, well that’s great I’ll keep using those, but if they are acting finicky that’s when I’ll switch over to my third panfish presentation; a small tungsten jig paired with a plastic.

A small jig paired with a plastic is a great presentation to entice those finicky fish into biting. 

Between theses three presentations you should be able to locate and catch panfish regardless of the mood they are in.

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