Winter Crappies

Run & Gun Tactics for Winter Crappies

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Crappies are one of America’s favorite fish to target. Throughout the winter crappies have a tendency to roam across the deep basins feeding on varies insects and baitfish. Avid angler Joel Nelson breaks down his approach for run & gun crappies.

Run & Gun Tactics for Winter Crappies

When winter crappies are on the move, hole hoping with a run and gun mentality is often the most effective way to catch them.

You have to stay in front of the fish and often requires you to drill a lot of holes.

Once you have an area punched out with crappies located, there are two types of presentations that I like to use.

The first bait I will start with is a small spoon. I like to use a small Northland Bro Bug spoon in a 1/16oz or a Forage Minnow spoon in a 1/32 or 1/16oz  tipped with a few wax worms.

This presentation can be fished fast and is aggressive. I like to start with this bait because it’s bigger profile tends to target the bigger, active fish.

Now if I can catch them on the spoon that’s great and that’s how I’d prefer to do it; but if I get a couple fish that come up and don’t eat it I’ll make the switch to my second presentation.

The second presentation I have ready to go for these winter crappies is on the other end of the spectrum and it is a small tungsten jig usually in a 1/16oz or 1/32 oz size.

I like to pair this with a few euro larvae, warm worms, or sometimes a soft plastic. This presentation is much more finesse and needs to be fished slower.

This is what I’m going to use if the fish are in an inactive and negative mood.

Between these two presentations you can stay on top of moving fish and you’ll also be able to catch those fish that may not necessarily be in a feeding mood.

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