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Green Bay Buzz Bite Report 9-20-2021

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We are out here on Green Bay trolling for muskies in mid-September. This is a pattern that happens every year and is a pattern that will last for the next handful of months.

Every year on Green Bay big schools of perch move onto the sand flats and the musky follow. In fact, some of our biggest fish get caught this time of year trolling these Rapala Super Shads.

Trolling Rapala super Shad Raps in perch color is the best way to produce fish. You are able to cover a lot of water in a short amount of time.

We troll at about three to three and a half miles per hour. Having a proper trolling setup is key. I like to run weed guards to help keep my baits clean because there is a decent amount of floating vegetation that catches on your lines. You can buy these weed kits online.

If you guys are interested in getting out and catching some of these giant muskies Green Bay has to offer you can reach me through my website or through my cell. Good luck out there on the water!


Contact Information:

Doug Wegner

Phone: (262)719-9533



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