Swimbait Fishing Gear for Multi-Species Angling

Swimbait Fishing Gear for Multi-Species Angling

Nick Lindner

Nick Lindner

June 9, 2020

Here’s some swimbait fishing gear that will help you put more fish in the boat, whether you’re targeting walleye, bass, pike, etc. Lures, reels, electronics and clothing that will improve your day on the water.

Storm 360 GT Searchbait

Let’s kick things off with a really cool pre-rigged option, the Storm 360 GT. It comes in 2.5”, 3.5”, 4.5” and 5.5” baits. The 2.5 incher is actually new for this year and is a great weapon for cold water fishing in spring and any other small bait situations for walleye, bass, etc.

Northland Impulse Live Rigged Paddle Minnow

Another pre-rigged bait you’ll want to check out is the Northland Impulse Live Rigged Paddle Minnow. This is a really popular bait all year long, thanks to it’s excellent action and vibrant finishes. They’re cool looking baits and they catch fish.

Swimbait Fishing Gear

Northland Mimic Minnow

Another great option from Northland is their Mimic Minnow swimbait. This is one of the original life-like, pre-rigged paddle tail minnows. One thing that’s really key about these lures is that they come in UV colors, which is really unique for a bait like this.

Northland Impulse Live Paddle Minnow

If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t like pre-rigs and you prefer using your own hooks and jigs, Northland offers the Impulse Live Paddle Minnow without the built-in jig. It has a lot of the same characteristics of the baits listed above, but you can choose your own jig head if you so please.

Kalin’s Tickle Tail

Another paddle tail option you’ll want to take a look at is the Kalin’s Tickle Tail. One thing that you’ll notice right away that’s unique about this swimbait the tiny appendages hanging from each side of the bait. Whether you’re swimming, ripping or dragging this bait, those appendages will continue to add action and move water, even with the slightest movements. They come in two different sizes, a 3.8” and a 4.8”.

Northland Rattlin’ Google Eye Jig

If you’re looking for a jig to pair up with these plastics, check out the Kalin’s Google Eye swimbaits jigs. They have a large “googley” eye and a long shank extra wide gap hook that’s ideal for swimbait fishing. They also have a standard Google Eye jig that works great for smaller plastics and livebait.

Swimbait Fishing Gear

VMC Half Moon Jig

A couple excellent options from VMC are Half Moon jig and the Finesse Half Moon jig. The standard model has a beefier hook that works well with larger plastics, while the finesse option is better suited for smaller plastics.

Now let’s move on to some non-lure swimbait fishing gear.

Sufix Advanced Monofilament

If you’re looking for some high quality line to pair with your swimbait setup, look no further than Sufix Advanced Monofilament. It comes in 4lb test, all the way up to 25lb test, but you can’t go wrong with 6lb or 10lb for swimbait fishing. It’s really tough, strong line.

Daiwa CA80 Baitcasting Reel

The Daiwa CA80 is an excellent reel if you’re in the market for a high quality piece of swimbait fishing gear that’s reasonably priced. It has a large 90mm cranking handle that will help you get some extra torque when you’re fighting fish or pulling in a big bait. It’s not only built to perform, but it’s also built to be lightweight. It has an aluminum frame paired up with carbon fiber side plates, which makes it lighter and easier to use on the water.

Humminbird Lakemaster Plus

One of the biggest keys to catching fish is finding fish, and a huge tool to help get that done is high-end HD lake maps. The Lakemaster Plus maps not only has one foot contours, but they also have aerial imagery overlays. They have maps in Minnesota, Wisconsin, the Dakotas, and all over North America.

Blackfish UPF Guide Hoodie

Last but not least, we have something for the ladies, the Blackfish UPF guide hoodie. Blackfish has been coming out with a lot of different shirts and performance gear that are cut specifically for women. They obviously have a great line of gear for men, but some of this new women’s stuff is awesome. The material on this hoodie is a chemical free cooling material, which wicks the water away from your body and keeps you cool when it’s hot outside. All of this swimbait fishing gear means nothing if you’re not comfortable and enjoying your time on the water.

All the products above are available at your local Fleet Farm store or at fleetfarm.com

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