Bass Fishing Lures & Fishing Gear for Summer

Bass Fishing Lures & Fishing Gear for Summer

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Bass Fishing Lures & Fishing Gear for Summer

There’s a wide variety of ways to catch bass and an incredible amount of bass fishing lures available to help you do it. That’s because bass live just about everywhere and will eat almost any available forage. Here’s a few bass fishing lures and other gear that will help you put more fish in the boat this summer:

Terminator Pro’s Jig

What’s cool about the Terminator Pro’s Jig is you can fish it through weeds and rocks, you can fish it on the bottom or you can swim it in the middle of the water column. There’s a lot of different things you can do with this jig. You can pair it up with a number of different plastics, including swimbaits and craws.

Lunkerhunt Descent Craw

Speaking of craws, one excellent option is the Lunkerhunt Descent Craw. You can use it for flipping in heavy cover or you can drag it across the bottom. This is a big profile craw that’s going to catch big fish.

Missile Baits D Bomb

Another plastic you can pair up with your jig or your flipping setup is the Missile Baits D Bomb. This is one of your popular creature craw-type profiles that’s really popular for flipping in heavy cover all across the country, but you can also fish this dragging across the bottom in open water, rocks or weeds.

Z-Man ChatterBait

Another style of bait that’s really grown in popularity in recent years is the bladed jig, and it all started with the Z-man Original ChatterBait. These baits are absolute fish-catchers. It has a blade up by the line-tie that creates a bunch of vibration in the water. When you’re chasing bass, sometimes that can be the ticket.

Rapala BX Brat

Another category of bass fishing lures that’s going to be extremely erratic and will get the fish’s attention is a squarebill crankbait, and one of my favorites is the Rapala BX Brat. What’s cool about this bait is it has a balsa core, so it has some of that cool balsa action, but it also has a copolymer casing which gives it a little more durability. If you watch this thing in the water, it’s all over the place. It has an extremely erratic action and when it bounces off of cover, the fish can’t resist it.

Northland Reed Runner Spinnerbait

Another great search bait option is going to be a spinnerbait. The Northland Reed Runner has a lot of different options that you can use with various combinations of willow leaf and Colorado blades.

Northland Jaw Breaker Spoon

When you’re fishing in heavy cover, sometimes the best route to take is a just to swim something right on top of it. In these situations, the Northland Jaw Breaker Spoon is an excellent options because all you need to do is reel it straight back to the boat and it has an awesome wobbling action.

Northland Weed Wedge Jig

Another great weedless option is the Northland Weed Wedge Jig. This is a keel weighted system with a screw in bait keeper that allows you to easily Texas rig plastics. With this system, you should have no problem fishing your bait through heavy cover.

St. Croix Mojo Bass Rod

If you’re in the market for a new bass fishing rod, I’d recommend checking out the St. Croix Mojo Bass series. This one right here is a 6’8″ medium-heavy power, fast action rod, which is a good all-around setup for most bass fishing applications. In some cases, you might want an extra fast action, but this is just a good setup to get a lot of things done.

Daiwa J-Braid

Part of how you use your rod and reel setup will depend on what line you have spooled on the reel. If you’re fishing around heavy cover or if you’re finesse fishing, I would recommend using braided line. Braided line has no stretch, which means you have a lot of feel, and when you’re fishing around heavy cover, braided line can cut through the weeds. It’s extremely strong and durable.

Sufix Advanced Fluorocarbon

For any situation where you might not want to use braided line, I would recommend using fluorocarbon. It has more stretch and abrasion resistance. Sufix Advanced Fluorocarbon is new to the market and it’s extremely high-end stuff which works great for swimbaiting, chatterbaiting, spinnerbaits – you name it.

Blackfish Gale Hoodie

Last but not least, we have the Blackfish Gale Hoodie, which comes in both men’s and women’s styles. They are extremely comfortable and will keep you warm when the temperatures are chilly. It has a thermal fleece lining all throughout the pullover. It has a kangaroo pocket in the front that also has the thermal fleece lining, making it a perfect place to warm your hands or keep excess fishing gear. The outer shell is part of what makes this hoodie awesome – it’s weather resistant and windproof.

You can get everything we just talked about at your local Fleet Farm store or on

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